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Success stories about our local clients

and clients from around the country.


Terry Smith. A C.A. client happy at work in a job that CA helped him land.
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Pablo working at Fiesta grocery store.
Denton group  of four CA clients that have been placed at jobs.
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A client CA has placed in a long-term job.

Computer programming is this young man's specialty.  We found a company that is sensitive to his needs.  Now, he is a strong asset to his team members.

CA has supported this gentleman continuously for over 18 years in various jobs.  Working is an important part of his life.

These young adults live together in a group home, and they have  gotten jobs with help from Creative Achievements.

CA places clients in a variety of jobs. We support our clients with on-the-job coaches, training, and a variety of other tools depending on the job and the clients' needs.


Hazel is a TTW client in another state.

Taking the Long Way Home: Hazel's Story

Published in 2020

In high school, Hazel found a sanctuary away from the chaos at home. She spent long days at school getting good grades and enjoying time with friends. She went to parties and worked odd jobs at local businesses. The money she earned provided independence and freedom.


However, at the same time, she began experiencing sudden mood swings, and had difficulty controlling her emotions. Some of her relationships suffered. She had trouble sleeping, was impulsive, experienced anxiety, and had episodes of deep sadness and fatigue. She was prone to self-destructive behavior and impulses of self-harm. Her internal battle took a toll over the years and she was unable to hold a job for longer than a year. Hazel didn't know it at the time, but she had inherited a mental illness and was vulnerable to addiction.

"My illness spiraled and took hold in its worst form," she recalls. "I was drinking and addicted to drugs… I knew that this time something was very wrong."


Ticket to Work + Volunteer Work = The Right Answer For Robert

Published in 2012

“ It cleared up some unknowns about work and benefits. I learned there are options which would allow me to prepare for work or make an attempt at work. During that transition period, I would continue to receive benefits. This took away some of the fear and doubt I felt. I knew that if my disability interfered with employment [within five years], I could go back on benefits without a new application. ”

Robert is a veteran who spent seven years serving in the U.S. Army. After a surgery mishap in 2000, he sustained a spinal cord injury that left him with limited mobility. No longer able to perform the tasks required in his previous position as a U.S. Postal Carrier, Robert was awarded Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and focused on regaining mobility through rehabilitation at a Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) hospital. He had to make significant changes to his lifestyle. Adjusting to life on a fixed income was also humbling and challenging.

“In this mode, I was taken down a level,” he says. “... and I knew that when the time came when I’d be able to get in better condition and back into an improved lifestyle, I would do everything I could to get there.”

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