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A View to Downtown from the Trinity Rive


Success stories and testimonials
from local clients.


These are clients that Creative Achievements has placed in North Texas.

This lady struggled with homelessness and a physical disability.  After working with CA, she has overcome her her adversities.  She is working full-time and thriving.


CA has supported this gentleman continuously for over 18 years in various jobs.  Working is an important part of his life.

Pablo at work

Computer programming is this young man's specialty.  We found a company that is sensitive to his needs.  Now, he is a strong asset to his team members.

Terry Smith_edited_edited.jpg

Creative Achievements has supported this gentleman for more than 10 years, through 3 job changes. He has moved up the career ladder each time, and is a mentor for other clients with visual impairments.


CA places clients in a variety of jobs. We support our clients with on-the-job coaches, training, and a variety of other tools depending on the job and the clients' needs.


This lady is utilizing years of volunteer work and turning it into paid employment. She's had some impressive unpaid employment through her work with Mayor's Committees, public speaking, and evaluating large stadiums for accommodations and accessibilities. Self-employment is the best fit for her skill set. 



 "Joanna got my relative a cool job working with animals.  She is so appreciative, and it changed her life.  She's still there after 3 years."


"We wanted to thank Karen and Creative Achievements for all of the help they gave our son “J” getting a job at McAlister’s Deli. He has now worked there for 4 years and loves his job.

J has Down Syndrome and lives in a group home. Ever since high school he has worked several different jobs, but his new group home was not helping us find him employment at all.

We asked Karen to help and we offered to pay her. She figured out how to get him registered with the Texas Work Force Commission and we did not have to pay anything. Then, she asked J what his interests were and she took him on different job experiences. After McAlister’s offered to hire him, she made sure that he had a job coach to help him learn his job and to help his boss work with him, so both could adapt to their new experience.

Karen has checked up on J many times. We believe that if it had not been for Karen and Creative Achievements that we would still be looking for J a job and his quality of life would be severely diminished.

With appreciation,"

J’s parents P & M

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