We are here to answer your questions and guide you along the way to finding that long-term job you are seeking, whatever your disability may be.

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A Little Something About Creative Achievements

Creative Achievements is vastly different from a traditional employment or temporary agency. The staff gets to know our clients thoroughly before marketing them to employers. We help build specific skills so that clients are armed with an effective resume, cover letters, interview techniques, and up-to-date job-seeking skills. This partnership is key to the clients and our long-term success. We also strive to develop strong relationships with our employers.

For over 18 years, we have helped candidates with:

  • Assessing skills and abilities

  • Choosing jobs that are suitable for their skills

  • Job seeking skills  

  • Researching and connecting with employers

  • Career planning and retention

Our Specialty

Creative Achievements specializes in assisting persons that need extra help to find a job due to a disability or other barrier to work. We can’t emphasize enough our commitment to an individualized process. This sets us apart from other organizations. We believe that our investment in each client ensures a better job fit, resulting in long-term rewards for you!

Please visit our Clients page to learn more about how we have helped many people in the Fort Worth area.

Our Services page explains more about how our program works.

TTW - an authorized Social Security Ticket to Work service provider.

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This is our hardworking team at Creative Achievements. We are here to answer your questions and guide you along the way to finding that long-term job you are seeking, whatever your disability may be.

Karen Forbis profile avatar

Karen Forbis

Karen Forbis is the Director of Creative Achievements. She holds degrees from UT Austin in Business and UT Arlington in Social Work. Karen has a background in inner-city social work. She is certified in supported self-employment. In addition to individual job placement, Karen is a certified community partner work incentives coordinator. She can provide benefits counseling for persons on SSI and SSDI that are interested in returning to work and gradually becoming financially independent.

Tempe Mays profile avatar

Tempe Mays

Tempe Mays was born and raised in Fort Worth and is a Nolan and Texas Wesleyan graduate. She is a proud mother and wife. Tempe has been serving persons with disabilities in Tarrant County for 20 years. She was the Director of Employment at a local non-profit, supervising a staff of 15 that served a variety of disabilities, and gained a great deal of respect and experience meeting with various community leaders. Tempe has an extraordinary passion for working with transition youth as they graduate high school and enter the workforce, and has led vocational training groups and summer experiences designed to get youth ready to be successful in community employment.

Joanna Revis profile avatar

Joanna Revis

Joanna Revis has been an Employment Consultant with Creative Achievements, since 2006. She divides her time between contracts with TWC and Social Security's Ticket To Work program. She serves the Johnson County and South Fort Worth areas, including Cleburne, Burleson, and Joshua. Joanna has a strong background in sales and has been very active in her own business community. These networking connections have been very helpful to assist her in providing great job matches for clients that she serves.

Pam Ryals profile avatar

Pam Ryals

Pam Ryals is the administrative assistant and bookkeeper for Creative Achievements, and has been with us over 10 years. Pam wears a number of hats and keeps the agency running smoothly daily. Her diligence keeps our audits clean. She works with Quickbooks, and Microsoft Products, and countless representatives of TWC and TTW. Pam worked as a nurse for more than 25 years and has held a number of other jobs throughout her career, including driving an 18-wheeler truck. She is a valuable asset to the team with her current skills, as well as her past diverse work background.

Becky Ray profile avatar

Becky Ray

Becky Ray is a home grown Texan, who has lived in Denton area over 20 years and holds a master's degree in Social Work. She is devoted to her family and volunteers for a program that helps families stay connected. Becky has many talents. She has a background in interior design and is a registered massage therapist. She entered the social work field, later, and worked several years in the juvenile probation arena, before heading to Creative Achievements. In Becky's free time, she enjoys dancing, reading, and working out.

Cassandra Johnson profile avatar

Cassandra Johnson

Cassandra Johnson holds a BA in Economics from New Mexico State University, and wears several hats at Creative Achievements. She has a wealth of knowledge in the disability arena. She is a community partner certified benefits planner through Cornell University. She works with new Ticket To Work clients, and provides benefits counseling at several critical points along their employment journey. Cassandra also assists in the thankless job of reviewing and editing billing for our funders. Cassandra is a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist for Stromatt Rehab for the past 9 years.